Monday, August 29, 2005


B®ANDWAGON, the Marketing Club of IIFT School of International Business, is a forum of students that are interested in marketing, either as a subject or as a preferred career. It plays an important role at IIFT, hosting various activities that enrich and expand upon students’ classroom experiences.
It is by far the largest and one of the most active clubs on campus, contributing significantly to its members.

  • Presentations and discussions on pertinent issues offer insights on various aspects of the marketing function.
  • Sharing of new ideas or latest developments in the marketing sector help to broaden perspectives.
  • Opportunities to interact with professionals allow the students to understand, explore and link the theoretical with the practical.
  • Offers academic, recruiting and networking assistance to its members, thereby preparing them for successful careers in sales, marketing or business development.
  • Encourages students to participate in Live-cases that enrich their exposure to marketing in the "real world".

  • Provides valuable team-play and leadership opportunities to students that participate and contribute to its various events.
    Has a lot of fun together !!


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